Italian Knots

I saw the "Bread baking babe" thing on Lucullian delights and decides that I want to join and that I really need a foodblog in english to do so...so you are invited to my kitchen! The kitchen is located in Malmö in the south of Sweden or where ever I like to cook or eat this blog will be only about baking...at least I think so...

I decided to to the Italian knots and had problems with the recipe, probably due to flour I think. So after the first batch that didn´t work too well ( but tasted great!) I took notes and here´s my version using strong wheat called "vetemjöl special" I always use the "I love ECO" brand from ICA and I used butter instead of lard
The original recipe and the instructions for making the knots are here

Day 1
The Biga
6 dl flour
fresh yeast, size of a pea
3 dl cold water

let the yeast dillute in the water and mix in the flour. Let stand under plastic or a lid until day 2

Day 2
The Biga
14-15 dl flour
60 g butter
4 dl tepid water
25 g yeast, that´s half a package here in Sweden
0,5 dl olive oil, extra virgin
0,25 dl honey
1 Tbs salt

Using your finger tips break the butter into the flour until it´s little crumbles.
Let the yest dillute into the water, add the oil and honey and let the honey dillute too.
Mix everything together and knead the dough until it doesn´t stick to the bowl. Start with 14 dl flour and add more if needed.
Let rise under towel until it double it´s size.
Make the knots. I made 16 and they are BIG. Normal buns; 24
Let them again rise until they have doubled their size.
Bake them for 30 minutes in 200 degrees until done.


Ilva said...

Nice to have you as a BB Buddy Karin! The bread looks perfect!

KayB said...

Oh... you have a cooking blog now! I'm indulging myself in a loooot of food gawking lately... and your Italian knots look really yummy!

Tini said...

that one looks yummy!

görel said...

Snygga knutar! Och hej på dig, från en annan svenska!