Black Russian

Bread Baking Babes are baking Black Russian, so did I.
Following the recipe from Görel at Grain Doe
I made two loaves of something that tastes a lot like swedish limpa bread, something that I try to avoid. I did not like this bread but It was fun trying out a different way to bake ( with the soaking) and I also tried to let it rest for a few days to improve it. No!
I´m gonna go for another Black Russian!

2 cl Kahlua
2 cl vodka

Stir and serve on ice!


Bread baking babe June asparagus bread

I know it´s august now but I was a day late in june so it´s been put on hold...

There is really nothing wrong with this bread, but I don´t like it ALL in ONE bread and even though the asparagus tastes good, it´s a little to much work and since I run a single household I freeze the bread and the asparagus doesn´t cooperate with the rest of the bread when it comes to thawing...
But I still think it´s a good way to decorate a bread!