Saffron buns

It´s Christmastime and not really my thing but one thing that I always do is make Saffron buns or Lucia buns. The have different names basically depending of what shape they are made in. The shape that I do are called "julgalt" jul is swedish for Cristmas and galt is the word for the male pig. There are a lot of other traditional shapes. They are decorated with raisins. I have for family issues omitted them. I have a brother who thought where was flies in the buns when he was a kid and still ( at 45 ) picks them out...
These buns have some untraditional things in them but that really improve the flavour

Lucia buns 40 pieces

75 g fresh yeast, that will be 1,5 package dry yeast
100 g butter
4 dl milk
1 dl heavy cream
1 dl white sirup, hmm you could probably use sugar instead
0,5 dl sugar
250 g kesella, ricotta will make it here
1 g of saffron + 1 tsp sugar
200 g almondpaste
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsk ground kardemum
0,5 tsp salt
16- 17 dl flour or more
1 egg for basting

Divide the yeast into small pieces in large bowl.
Melt the butter on the stove and add milk, cream, sirup and kesella/ricotta. Use a beater to break up the kesella/ricotta. When lukewarm, pour it over the yeast and let the yeast dillute.
Using a pestlar and mortlar work the sugar and the saffron to a powder. Add it together with vanilla, kardamum, salt and sugar. Shred the almondpaste and add it too.
Add enought flour to get a loose dought that still does not stick to the sides of the bowl.
Let rise under a teatowel for abot 35 minutes, it should double it´s size.
Divide the dought into 40 pieces and shape buns. The "julgalt" is a "S" shape that is done by rolling each dough piece 15- 20 cm long and rolling the tops to the middle from both but opposite sides. If you want raisins push them down in the center of the swirls, pressing them into the bun.
Again let them rise for 35 minutes. Baste them with the egg and bake them for 8 - 10 minutes in 250 degrees owen, let cool on rack under a towel. They freezes well.

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Mmmmmm, they look so yummy!!!!!
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