Viennese Striesel

Bread baking babes are baking again and I´m home and have opportunity to try it out. The recipe is here.
I basically did as the recipe sayd until it came to dried cherries. Don´t have any at home...don´t want to go out to get some so I took dried cranberries instead. I also ditched in half a packet of "suckat" a kind of kandied pumpkin peel.

by making first a braid using 4 pieces of dough and then put a three-piece braid on top made it look really nice

The Striesel ready to cut

I liked it!


katiez said...

Wow! Good job with the braids! And a lovely loaf. Candied pumpkin and dried cranberries... How very, well, Christmas-y!

Baking Soda said...

Oooh nice plump braids! Love that glazing. Thanks for baking with us

Natashya Kitchen Puppies said...

Wow, it looks perfect! Such nice, even lobes and great colour.
Thanks so much for baking with us!