Mellow bakers July

I joined Mellow bakers to bake myself through Bread by Hammelman and in july we baked
a sourdough rye with high percentage water. Remindes me very much of what we can get in the stores here

Bialys, a favourite, a non boiled bagel with a filling of onions instead of the hole, nice chewy texture. I changed the filling to pesto and some chopped up sundried tomato.

and a french bread, a baguette kind of bread but made in the same day. I think Anna´s twisted baguettes" ( popular swedish recipe ) are much better and easier to make if you want to make something and don+t have time for the poolish

And now my freezer is full of bread

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Richard Young said...

I am looking for you Champagne Vinegar Red Potato Salad Recipe. Would you post it again? Thanks.